Where to Stay in Jasper, Alberta: The Sleepy Bear Inn

Where to Stay in Jasper, Alberta: The Sleepy Bear Inn

My recent long weekend trip to Jasper was nothing short of breath taking. We were completely surrounded by majestic white peaks, pine trees and a cute village to explore. After long days of hiking and exploring it was so wonderful to be able to relax at The Sleepy Bear Inn. If you’re not sure where to stay in Jasper, I would definitely recommend staying at the Sleepy Bear Inn, especially if you are going with a small group of people or a family.

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The Sleepy Bear Inn

Where to Stay in Jasper: The Sleepy Bear Inn
Isn’t this entrance the cutest?

I am honestly not a big spender when it comes to traveling. I’d rather put my money to future travels or activities and I often end up sacrificing comfort in the rooms that I book. This is why I was so excited when I arrived at The Sleepy Bear Inn. Not only were the prices affordable, but it was honestly one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. If I could describe The Sleepy Bear Inn in one word it would have to be charming. Yet it was so much more than that. Not only was the place itself amazing, but the owners are super friendly and available to answer any questions as well.

Although we arrived pretty late after a snowy drive, Ryan was happy to meet us at the door and let us in to our room. The owners of the Sleepy Bear Inn, Ryan and Geraldine, live upstairs and have essentially converted their basement suite into a beautiful two bedroom inn. It’s kind of like an Air BnB and has a charming cabin-like feel.

Newly Renovated Living Area and Shared Kitchen

Where to stay in Jasper: The Sleepy Bear Inn Living Room

Everything at the Sleepy Bear Inn is brand new. The owners renovated everything just over a year ago when they started the Inn. Beautiful stained wood paneling lines the walls of the living room and kitchen. There are also some beautiful mountain paintings and potted plants that add a bright yet rustic mountain feel to the place. Built right into one of the living room walls you will even find a tiny library. The little library is fully stocked with novels and tour guide pamphlets about Jasper.

The Sleepy Bear Inn, Jasper Alberta

The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, microwave, sink, dishes, cutlery and more. There are mini fridges located in each bedroom. While there is no oven or stove you can still cook up a snack or light meal instead of eating out to help save some money. The decor of the living room and kitchen is warm, cozy and inviting. The living room and kitchen are just steps outside the two available rooms at the inn and are beautiful shared spaces.

Where to Stay in Jasper: Our Lovely Room at the Sleepy Bear Inn

Where to Stay in Jasper: The Sleepy Bear Inn
This was seriously the best sight after a long day of hiking.

There are two rooms at the Sleepy Bear Inn. One has two double beds and the other has one. Each room has its own private bathroom, mini fridge, coffee machine and huge flat screen tv. Seriously though, the tv was massive!

The Sleepy Bear Inn, Jasper, Alberta
I absolutely loved having this huge flat screen tv in our room.

One thing I really loved about our room was the decor. I loved the mountain feel that the elk painting above the bed added to the space. I also enjoyed the wooden side tables, drawers and bed frame next to the beige and burgundy accents of the quilt and pillows. Speaking of the bed, I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well while traveling. The bed was so comfortable! After hiking all day that bed quickly became one of my best friends.

Both rooms also come with full private bathrooms. I definitely enjoyed a nice hot bath after hiking in Maligne Canyon.

Where to Stay in Jasper | Bathroom Goals
I love it when the room comes with a full bathtub and not just a shower!

The Sleepy Bear Inn: Location is Everything

Where to Stay in Jasper | Walking through Town

The Sleepy Bear Inn is in an incredible location. Not only is it in a cute and quiet residential area, but it’s also just a ten minute walk from the main town, which is surrounded by the beautiful Canadian Rockies. The Sleepy Bear Inn is also just a short 15 minute drive to Maligne Canyon! It’s really the perfect mix of quiet and convenient.

Elk Crossing, Jasper Alberta
These elk were only about a 10 minute drive away from the Sleepy Bear Inn!

Special Discounts and Future Plans for The Sleepy Bear Inn

The Sleepy Bear Inn has something for everyone wanting to visit Jasper. It’s great for singles and couples but also amazing for groups of friends and family. The two bedrooms are directly across from each other so it’s definitely perfect for groups and family trips, although we found it lovely as a couple as well.

Low season in Jasper runs from November until March. If you want to visit Jasper during this time then you can enjoy discounted rates at the Inn. Plus if you want to book for more than five days then Ryan and Geraldine may also give you a discount as well.

There are lots of exciting future plans for The Sleepy Bear Inn. The owners are hoping to do some more renovations on the exterior of the house and some landscaping this coming spring so be sure to check it out!

Check out The Sleepy Bear Inn on Facebook here or book your stay here!

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