Tlapujahua Michoacán: One of Mexico’s Most Christmassy Pueblos Magicos

Tlapujahua Michoacán: One of Mexico’s Most Christmassy Pueblos Magicos

Tlalpujahua is a beautiful pueblo magico located in Michoacán, Mexico. It’s a very small town with cobblestone streets, bright colorful buildings, and lots of friendly people. It is also famous for its’ handicrafts, particularly the handmade Christmas ornaments sold all throughout the town. Here’s why you should visit Tlalpujahua Michoacán during the holiday season.

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How to Get to Tlalpujahua, Michoacán

Tlalpujahua Michoacán, Mexico
I brought my doggo, Mowgli, along with me to Tlalpujahua when I went.

Tlalpujahua is located a little less than 3 hours away from Mexico City to the northwest by car. If you’re not traveling by car, you can also take a bus from Mexico City. You can read this article about where to get the bus from Mexico City to Tlalpujahua.

What is a Pueblo Magico?

Tlalpujahua Michoacán, Mexico
You can find this beautiful view at the restaurant ‘La Terraza’.

Pueblos Magicos, or ‘Magic Towns’ are towns that have been awarded this title by the Mexican government based on their beauty, history, legends, and nature. Small towns can’t just call themselves ‘pueblos magicos’ without being given the title from the government, and they really do have to earn it. You can read more about how a town can become a pueblo magico here.

Where to Stay in Tlalpujahua

Hotel Jardin in Tlalpujahua Mexico
How cute does this hotel look?

I went to Tlalpujahua on a day trip from Mexico City so I didn’t actually stay overnight there. However, you can find a great list of places to stay with price comparisons by clicking here. If AirBnBs are more your style, you can check out the top AirBnBs in Tlalpujahua here.

The Christmas Ornaments that make Tlalpujahua Famous

Glass Christmas Ornaments | Tlalpujahua
The most beautiful handmade glass ornaments that I ever did see.
Wooden Christmas Ornaments | Tlalpujahua Mexcio

Tlalpujahua is famous for its artisans who create beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments, as well as other handicrafts, all year round. During the month of December, you can find street markets and shops filled to the brim with handmade ornaments. Some are wooden and some are made of soft fabrics but the ones that really make Tlalpujahua famous are the glass sphere ornaments.

In Spanish, these are called ‘Esferas de Navidad’ (Christmas Spheres). The incredible thing about these spheres is that they are hand made from glass. After the spheres have been made, they are delicately painted with beautiful, intricate designs. Some are painted using traditional Christmas colors like red and green. However, my favorite ones are the ones full of an entire rainbow of colors.

Christmas Markets & Shops in Tlalpujahua

Santa's Workshop in Tlalpujahua
Christmas Markets in Tlalpujahua

The two main Christmas shops in Tlalpujahua are La Villa de Santa Claus (Santa Claus’s Village) and El Taller de Santa Claus (Santa Claus’s Workshop). Those are the biggest ones and some of the fanciest. They are filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments, stockings, Christmas tree skirts and more.

As you walk through the town you’ll see plenty of other shops worth popping into as well. In some of them, you can even see people hard at work making ornaments by hand. There are also street market stalls set up all over the place. Of course, the main products on display are Christmas ornaments and decor, but you can also find other handmade goods to purchase as well.

Christmas Markets in Tlalpujahua

While you’re in Tlalpujahua make sure to visit the beautiful Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Carmen  Tlalpujahua is such a charming town, bursting with colorful buildings and ornaments. It’s a truly magical place if you love everything to do with Christmas!

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