The Travel Subscription Box for Outdoor Lovers: Living the Adventure with Explore Magazine

The Travel Subscription Box for Outdoor Lovers: Living the Adventure with Explore Magazine

As someone who loves hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, and everything outdoors, I was very interested when I heard about Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Gear Box. Subscription boxes are all the rage but in most of the ones I’ve heard about or seen, I felt like I wouldn’t use the items inside for very long. When I looked up some more information on Explore’s travel subscription box geared towards outdoor lovers I was sold.

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What is Explore’s Live the Adventure Club?

Explore Magazine and LTA Club Gear box Buff worn at Pillar Lake
Wearing the Buff from the 2021/2022 Winter Gear Box to keep warm at Pillar Lake

Explore Magazine is an online and print magazine for outdoor adventurers, campers, hikers, and travelers. They created the ‘Live the Adventure Club’ to help encourage people to spend more time outdoors. To join the online club, you subscribe to the Live the Adventure subscription box, or ‘Gear Box’ program.

How the Gear Box Subscription Works

Once you’ve subscribed to the Live the Adventure Gear Box, you will receive a box full of outdoor gear each season. The best part is you pay $97 per box but receive $150+ worth of gear each time!

You also will get access to Live the Adventure’s online club which has regular challenges designed to get you outdoors and using your gear. And you can even win prizes!

I personally love both the boxes I have received so far and am so excited to receive others. I use the stainless steel water bottle I got in the most recent winter box every day now!

What kind of Gear comes in the Boxes?

Different gear is rounded up and added to the gearboxes each month. Each piece is hand-selected by Explore Magazine’s editors who are constantly testing out gear for the magazine.

In each box, you get 4-6 pieces of new gear and the latest issue of Explore Magazine, on top of the Live the Adventure Club online community access to challenges and prizes.

2021/2022 Winter Gear Box

I absolutely loved the 2021/2022 Winter Gear Box! I’ve used almost everything in it already. In fact, I use the water bottle that came in it every day and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the versatile Buff as well. I bring the first aid kit, emergency light, and carabiner everywhere and I’m excited to use the lighter torch for camping on my next trip.

The 2021/2022 Winter Gear Box came with:

  • A 950 mL insulated water bottle
  • One Buff made of recycled materials and created with a unique earth-friendly design made for members of the LTA Club
  • A first aid kit packed full of bandages and other items
  • One round LED safety beacon and flashlight
  • A lighter torch for starting campfires easily
  • A carabiner with an added hook
  • One yummy Made with Local real food bar
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

2022 Spring Gear Box

I still use and love everything in my Spring Gear Box too! I especially love the collapsible camping kettle since I love drinking tea, hot chocolate, and coffee while camping.

The 2022 Spring Gear Box came with:

  • Camping spice and condiment set with two mesh bags containing refillable containers and squeeze bottles (the bottles and containers could also be used for many other things, not just spices)
  • One Quickcord for dispensing paracord without tangles, plus a built-in cutting blade and 12-hour emergency nighttime signal
  • One collapsible camping kettle
  • Stash-and-go pocketknife
  • Emergency survival bivvy (thin sleeping bag that adds extra warmth for cold nights and can easily fit inside the sleeping bag you already have)
  • One Made with Local real food bar
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

2022 Summer Gear Box

I just received the 2022 Summer Gear Box (it arrived a bit late due to shipping delays) and I am so excited to put everything in it to good use. I think my favorite items from the Summer Gear Box are the Mountain Mug, the Explore fanny pack, and the dry bags.

The 2022 Summer Gear Box came with:

  • One 32-ounce (950 mL) stainless steel Mountain Mug
  • One Explore Hip Pack
  • One green Compact Outdoor Blanket (that can also be used as a ground sheet in a tent)
  • Two 20L Expedition Class Dry Bags
  • One Lightweight Backpacking Grill
  • One box of BlistWool to prevent blisters
  • Three Karmik Outdoors QR Code Gear Decals (put these on your outdoor gear so people can return it to you if lost and so those who return gear get rewarded)
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

2022 Autumn Gear Box

This gear box actually arrived while I was traveling in Mexico and so it was a really nice surprise to come home to. As usual, it was filled with so many exciting and useful goodies! So far I’ve used the tote bag the most, and I’m most excited about using the binoculars to birdwatch with my grandpa, and the campfire sticks to roast marshmallows with friends and family on different adventures.

The 2022 Autumn Gear Box included:

  • Compact Performance Binoculars
  • Camping Tote Bag
  • Family Pack Campfire Sticks
  • Mesh produce bag by Chicobag
  • Spark Carabiner Multi Tool
  • Blistwool for blisters
  • Red Oggi lumberjack scarf
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

2022/2023 Winter Gear Box

The 2022/2023 gear box got me so excited for winter hiking! I have put the crampons to use quite a lot already and am excited to be able to use the headlamp and tripod pot holder while camping.

The Winter 2022/2023 Gear Box included:

  • Turtle Fur Beanie
  • Snow & Ice Trail Crampons
  • Headlamp with batteries included
  • Winter Camping Tool Wrap
  • Campsite Hanging Organizer
  • Tripod pot holder for outdoor cooking
  • Just add water expandable cloths
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

2023 Spring Gear Box

My Spring 2023 Gear Box just arrived and I am beyond thrilled! So far I’m most excited about the neck warmer and the camping tarp that came in this box, but there are so many other great pieces of gear in here too.

The Spring 2023 Gear Box included:

  • Turtle Fur Neckwarmer
  • Explore’s multi-use camping tarp
  • Emergency tourniquet
  • Hard case first-aid kit
  • MHO Dried Whole Eggs – perfect for camp cooking
  • Waterproof map pouch
  • FixnZip – easily helps to fix broken zippers so it’s basically a lifesaver
  • 26M 550 Paracord
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine

Sign up for your Live the Adventure Gear Box here!

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