Why You Should Take Online Spanish Classes with Hi-Spanish

Why You Should Take Online Spanish Classes with Hi-Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Hi-Spanish is a Mexican company of native Spanish speakers who are eager to help you along on your language learning journey. Hi-Spanish is a wonderful company because it allows you to learn from wherever you are and to choose when you want your classes to take place. This is perfect if you have a busy schedule. You can choose to take both private and group online Spanish classes, plus they also have pre-made courses on different topics which you can go through at your own place on their platform. They guarantee that you will learn Spanish within 6 months or you get your money back.

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Private and Group Classes with Hi-Spanish

Online Spanish Classes with Hi-Spanish

Hi-Spanish offers classes for both adults and children. Once you create an account with Hi-Spanish, you or your kids can take classes at any time you choose. Depending on the package or membership you choose, you can take either private classes, or both group and private classes. Once you have signed up, you can go into your account and choose a time to take a class. It’s super easy and it will allow you to select the time you want to have your class as well as your time zone.

Downloading Zoom Software: How the Classroom Works

All the classes at Hi-Spanish take place on Zoom, so you need to download the software to be able to make it to class. You will be given a code to log in to the correct class via Zoom and your class will begin. The teachers are able to share their screen with students so you won’t just be talking with the teacher but you will also have the opportunity to see how things are spelled, conjugated and more.

The teacher may also give you control of their screen so that you can take a short quiz or do an activity. With Zoom you will be able to see the Teacher and other students and they will be able to see and hear you. You can, however, turn your camera or microphone off if you need to. The Teacher also has the ability to turn people’s microphones off as well. There is also a chat box on Zoom so you can write things to the Teacher and to the other students. At the end of the class, your teachers will also send you a PDF of all the information covered in the class so you can review it at your leisure.

My Experience taking Private Classes with Hi-Spanish

I took two private classes with Hi-Spanish last week and they left a lasting impression on me. Even though I studied Spanish in Chile for 5 months, live in Mexico and have a Mexican husband, my Spanish is far from perfect. I only started studying Spanish in University as it wasn’t offered at my small city, Canadian, high school. The things I struggle with most when it comes to the Spanish language are verb conjugations. I’m pretty good at speaking in the present tense but the past tense is really hard for me.

My First Private Class: Present Tense Verbs

Anyways, my first online Spanish class with Hi-Spanish was taught by a woman named Erika. She helped me a lot with the present tense of verbs using plural pronouns, such as nosotros (we), ellos (they), and ustedes (you, plural). It’s interesting because I actually didn’t realize that I was struggling with these until our class started and Erika was able to point it out and help me correct myself right away. During the class I was able to see Erika and see her screen, which she had created a presentation on to help teach the class. She also allowed me to control the screen at one point so I could take a short quiz at the end.

My Second Private Class: Past Tense Verbs

My second online Spanish class was taught by a woman named Geraldine. I had written that I wanted to practice past tense verbs and she was able to help me with them. Again, I got to see her screen where she had a presentation set up all about how to conjugate verbs ending in -ar, -er, and -ir, into their past tense forms. Everything was very interactive and I was able to verbally answer questions as well as to write out answers to questions she asked in the chatbox.

Why I Loved My Classes

The two lessons I had with Hi-Spanish were nothing short of amazing. Even though it’s been a week since my last class with them, I’ve noticed I am better able to communicate with people here in Mexico using what I’ve learned. I can more easily remember how to conjugate verbs in the present and past tense. I’m also more able to correct myself when I make a mistake.

Access to Pre-Made Online Courses & Activities

Online Spanish Activities with Hi-Spanish

If you sign up for a Golden Membership with Hi-Spanish you will also have a variety of pre-made online courses and activities at your fingertips. You will be able to choose what level you want to try and pick from a variety of course topics to work on. These are amazing because you can do them anytime at your own pace. Currently, Hi-Spanish only has their Beginners Level Course available but Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses are coming soon.

Beginners Level Online Spanish Classes

The Wide Variety of Lessons within each Pre-Made Course

I decided to take a few of the classes within the Beginners Level Course. As you can see, once you click on the ‘Take Course’ button, you will be directed to a page filled with different topics you can learn about in Spanish. The ones pictured above include a class on Common Greetings, Visiting Mexico, Mexican History and Mexican Food. The Beginners Course also has a range of other topics to choose from. Some of these include Climate, Numbers, Difficult Words, Mexican Culture and more.

My Experience Taking the Mexican Food Lesson in the Beginner’s Course

Molletes | Hi- Spanish Mexican Food Lesson
Vocabulary slide showing how to spell ‘molletes‘, a picture of molletes, and an audio clip teaching the correct pronunciation.

While browsing through the various topics available I decided to do some of the activities in the Mexican Food topic. Since I live in Mexico, I already knew the names of most of the food, but I wanted to get a feel for how the courses work. Most of the slides that introduced new vocabulary showed the spelling and included audio clips to demonstrate pronunciation. There was also a picture on each slide to show what the word was referring to.

Course Navigation: Vocabulary, Activities and Quizzes

You may have noticed that on the right hand side of the vocabulary slide I showed above, there is also a list that says ‘Navegación de Curso‘ (Course Navigation). As you can see, each topic has a ton of material to help you learn Spanish. To help you better understand how this particular Mexican Food lesson works, I’ll translate the list below in English. Keep in mind that most topics within the Mexican Food lesson have a vocabulary section and an activity section.

Course Navigation | Mexican Food | Hi-Spanish Online Spanish Classes
Course Navigation | Mexican Food | Hi-Spanish Online Spanish Classes











Benefits of Having Access to the Hi-Spanish Pre-Made Courses

It’s super beneficial to be able to have these lessons at the tips of your fingers. All the lessons are pre-made  so it’s a great way to practice Spanish on your own. The Beginners Course, as you saw above, features so many different Lesson Topics. Plus each of those Lessons covers a ton of material. Each lesson helps you to learn new vocabulary and provides you with activities to do to make sure you remember what you’ve learned. Below you can see a picture of one of the activity slides. It was a multiple choice question I had to fill out to make sure I remembered what vocabulary I had just learned.

Hi-Spanish Beginners Course Activity | Online Spanish Classes

Hi-Spanish Articles for Reading and Comprehension Practice

Hi-Spanish Articles to Read

If you get the Golden Membership you will also have access to Spanish articles that you can read. These are great because you can learn about different topics and practice your Spanish reading skills at the same time. You can read articles on a variety of topics including Traditional Mexican Music, La Riviera Maya, La Riviera Nayarit and Mexican Traditions plus many more.

Hi-Spanish Class Pricing

Online Spanish Classes | Hi-Spanish Pricing

All in all I’ve got to say, Hi-Spanish classes are amazing. If you get the Golden Membership, you are sure to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. I like the Golden Membership best because you get UNLIMITED live conversation and grammar lessons whenever you want. Plus you get exclusive access to the pre-made courses and activities in the Hi-Spanish program. The Golden Membership is $249 for 1 month, $1199 for 6 months, or $1999 USD for 1 year. If you just want private lessons without the perks of the membership, the private classes are $25 USD/hour.

Are you ready to start learning Spanish? Use my code AprilHi-Spanish (this allows me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you so I can keep my blog up and running) and Sign up here!

Online Spanish Classes with Hi-Spanish

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