The Best Things to Do in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

The Best Things to Do in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

My husband and I really lucked out when we found our apartment in North Vancouver last summer since it’s so close to Lynn Valley. Lynn Valley is a quiet area with lots of forested hiking trails and other fun things to do. If you’re planning a visit to Vancouver or have just moved here, make sure you don’t overlook it! Here are some of the best things to do in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.

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How to Get to Lynn Valley

Lynn Valley is located north of Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver. Parking in most areas is free, although you do have to pay for parking at some trailheads. Buses that pass come through or pass near Lynn Valley include the 210, 227, and 228. You can read more about how to get here by bus and the Sea Bus ferry here.

Cross the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

If you like hiking you have to check out Lynn Valley’s famous suspension bridge. Located in Lynn Canyon Regional Park, the suspension bridge will support you at 50 meters above the canyon. The suspension bridge is located right near the trailhead too, so it’s easy to get to and start your hike from. There are plenty of trails you can connect to in the area, the closest being the 30 Foot Pool loop, which I will talk a bit about below.

Go Hiking in Lynn Valley

Walking down the staircase at Varley Trail Lynn Valley
Pug at Varley Trail Lynn Valley
Rice Lake Lynn Valley North Vancouver

There are tons of great hiking trails to choose from in Lynn Valley. A lot of the trails meet up and converge at different points creating the Lynn Valley Link. The first hike we ever went on when we moved here was Varley Trail. It’s a loop that takes you through the lush forest right next to the rushing river. My two favorite hikes in the area are the 30 Foot Pool Loop and the Rice Lake Loop. People often go fishing at Rice Lake. Just be aware that if you ever go to the 30 Foot Pool, you don’t swim there. A lot of people do go swimming there but it’s very dangerous as there are undercurrents, despite the water looking calm and smooth on top. There are also signs there telling visitors not to swim, so please respect those.

Another trail in the area that is supposed to be amazing is NorVan Falls. I haven’t hiked it yet and it’s a much longer trek than the others on this list but I’m hoping to hike it soon.

Check Out the Ecology Center

The Ecology Centre, located right near the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge trailhead, is definitely worth a visit. You can join Gardening Workshops, or participate in Wildlife Weeks. They even do kids’ birthdays and they have a variety of exhibits in their Nature Museum too.

Go for Coffee at the General Store

One place that Arturo and I love getting coffee is the End of the Line General Store. It’s right on Lynn Valley Road by the turnoff to Rice Lake Road and the part of Lynn Valley Road that leads to the Lynn Headwaters and Baden Powell trailheads. Since it’s so close to so many trails, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee after a long hike. I really love their flax rolls and rocky road bars and Arturo really loves their chai lattes. They also have a variety of souvenirs like toques, hoodies, stickers, and even beauty products, food, and board games for purchase.

Enjoy the Lynn Valley Village

Lynn Valley Village is a small shopping area with a couple of good coffee shops too. I really like the coffee at Delaney’s and nearby Waves has good coffee as well. There’s also a yoga studio, natural food market, hair salon, and a small variety of restaurants.

Visit the Library

Also located in the Village is the Lynn Valley Library. The Lynn Valley Library is a branch of the North Vancouver Public Library District. One thing I love about the library is the amount of natural light that comes in through the windows on sunny days. There’s a study area, computer lab and a children’s section inside too.

Grab a Beer at The Black Bear Pub

One place that my partner and I love to go for beer is The Black Bear Pub. The pub is located close to the Lynn Valley Shopping Center and shares a parking lot with them. They have a large selection of delicious local craft beers to choose from. One beer that I really like is the Granville Island Honey Lager. The Black Bear Pub also has really good burgers and other tasty meals. I personally love their Naked Bear Veggie Burger and the Veggie Wrap.

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Best Things to do in Lynn Valley Vancouver
Best Things to do in Lynn Valley Vancouver
Best Things to do in Lynn Valley Vancouver
Best Things to do in Lynn Valley Vancouver

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