Islands Near Venice: Day Trip Itinerary for Murano, Burano, and Lido

Islands Near Venice: Day Trip Itinerary for Murano, Burano, and Lido

If you visit Italy’s floating city you may want to also take a boat to see some islands near Venice. My friend and I had so much fun on our island-hopping day trip from Venice. We took a boat to three small islands; Murano, Burano, and Lido. Each island is known for something different and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them (though, spoiler alert, my favorite was Burano).

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How to Get Around the Islands

To get to islands near Venice you need to take vaporettos (waterbuses). The vaporettos leave regularly from various stops at Fondamente Nove on the north end of the city.

To get to Murano, the closest island, you will need to get on the 4.1, 4.2, 12, or 13 routes. Next, to get to Burano, you need to take the number 12 from Murano. After that you can take the number 14 line from Burano to Lido.

A day pass for the vaporettos can be purchased at the vaporetto stop for around 24 Euros. You can also buy passes for shorter time frames but if you end up not making it in time for your next ferry, you will need to pay again.

First Stop: Murano

Murano is known for glass making and there are so many shops with beautiful pieces of glass artwork that you can purchase. I bought so many glass bracelets and earrings when I visited and I wish I could go back just to buy more.

There was an opportunity to see artisans while they were glass-blowing at one of the shops we went to and while it was cool to see them blowing glass, we paid a lot of money to go in and watch but not have anything explained to us. We thought it was going to be a bit more interactive and were kind of underwhelmed when it wasn’t.

One thing I would recommend, however, is visiting the Murano Glass Museum, which had some really elaborate glass sculptures and incredible art pieces.

Second Stop: Burano

Burano was my favorite island as it is so charming and colorful! I loved just walking around, taking photos of the colorful buildings, and eating Italian snacks and desserts. Aside from that, and Bepi’s House mentioned below, there’s not too much to do but it was my favorite island because of how colorful it is.

Bepi’s House

Before going to Burano I had heard that a cool place to visit was called ‘Bepi’s House’. For some reason, I thought it was maybe like a museum but it’s simply the most colorfully painted and decorated house on the island. While you cannot go inside, it is very pretty and a good spot to take a photo. Just don’t go there thinking you’ll get to go inside because it’s someone’s (Bepi’s) home.

Third Stop: Lido

Of all the islands near Venice that we went to, Lido felt very different. It was a larger island and the buildings made it feel like more of a small city rather than a town, in comparison with the other two islands.

If you want to visit a beach while in Venice, then you need to take a boat to Lido. We didn’t have bathing suits with us but I definitely would have gone for a dip if I did. While many beaches in Italy cost money to visit, the beach we visited in Lido was free. Not only that, but the shoreline seemed to stretch on forever as Lido is such a long island. It was the perfect end to our day trip to be able to walk into the water a bit before getting a boat back to Venice.

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