One of the Best Hotels in Valle de Bravo: El Santuario Resort & Spa

One of the Best Hotels in Valle de Bravo: El Santuario Resort & Spa

As a birthday gift my husband surprised me with a one night stay at one of the best hotels in Valle de Bravo! We had an absolutely incredible weekend and I’m already trying to figure out when we can go back. El Santuario Resort and Spa absolutely blew me away. It had breathtaking views, delicious food, incredible rooms and so much more. Here is why I loved El Santuario so much and why you should consider visiting too.

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One of the Best Hotels in Valle de Bravo: Location is Everything

Hotels in Valle de Bravo | El Santuario

El Santuario Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Valle de Bravo, partly because of it’s location. While it is a bit of a ways away from the nearby towns, El Santuario is nestled into a quiet hillside overlooking Valle de Bravo’s famous lake and jagged mountains. The nice part about being a little ways away from the neighboring towns is that it is nice and quiet.

The Jaw-Dropping Rooms at El Santuario

Hotels in Valle de Bravo: Rooms at El Santuario
El Santuario Resort and Spa | Valle de Bravo
El Santuario Valle de Bravo | Hotels in Valle de Bravo

I was completely blown away by how gorgeous our room at El Santuario was. Not only did we have an incredible view, but there was an indoor room in our hotel room! I honestly thought I was dreaming when I saw the room for the first time. The bathroom had black rock walls and floor with wooden doors and counters which gave it a warm glow. The bed was beautifully simple, covered in white pillows and a white duvet atop a firm but comfortable mattress. Both the bed and the pool faced the window and patio where we were able to enjoy our incredible view.

Enjoying the View at El Santuario: Infinity Pools and Hot Tubs

Hotels in Valle de Bravo | View of the lake at El Santuario
Best Hotels in Valle de Bravo | Infinity Pools at El Santuario
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Located just outside the hotel restaurant is a series of infinity pools and hot tubs. All of these pools and hot tubs overlook the stunning lake and mountains of Valle de Bravo. You can read and nap on hanging beds above the water, soak sore muscles in the hot tubs, or enjoy some swimming with a view. The restaurant, Na-Ha, opens out towards the pools so you can order drinks while taking in the view as well.

Lounging and Meditation Spaces at El Santuario

Meditation Space at El Santuario Valle de Bravo

Another thing that makes El Santuario one of the best hotels in Valle de Bravo is the amount of relaxing lounging and meditation spaces it has. To the left hand side of the restaurant, there are various couches and cushions where you can sit back and read, meditate, play board games or take in the sunset.

Buddha statue at El Santuario Resort and Spa | Hotels in Valle de Bravo

If you go down the stairs from the restaurant, there is also a gorgeous meditation space built with a stained glass ceiling. The stairs on either side of the meditation semi-circle shake slightly as you walk on them. The artist who designed them, thought of making them shake while he was meditating one day. The idea is that as you walk on the ‘piano stairs’ and you feel them shake, the movement brings your consciousness to the present moment.

Activities at El Santuario: Golf, Horseback Riding and Boating

Lake views at Valle de Bravo | Hotels in Valle de Bravo

There are lots of activities to take part in at El Santuario. You can play golf, go horseback riding or take a boat out on the lake. When we visited we chose not to do any of these things, instead opting for relaxing by the pool. However, we did see quite a few people boating on the lake and it looked quite fun.

Spa Packages at El Santuario

Temazcalli | El Santuario Valle de Bravo
Temazcalli sauna.

There are many different kinds of spa packages you can treat yourself to at El Santuario. These include massages, facials, spiritual therapies, remineralizing and decongesting body treatments and even temazcalli. The temazcalli is an ancient kind of sauna made of stone and earth. If you choose the temazcalli treatment at El Santuario, they will play ceremonial music and use herbal medicine within the temazcalli during your treatment. Arturo and I didn’t do any of the spa options since we were only there for one night and we preferred to just enjoy the view. Next time we go, I really want to try the temazcalli.

The Most Amazing Food at El Santuario’s Restaurante Na-Ha

Spicy Vegan Tacos at El Santuario Resort | Hotels in Valle de Bravo
These were the most delicious spicy vegan tacos that I had at Restaurante Na-Ha.

Another thing that made our stay at El Santuario so unforgettable was the food. The Restaurante Na-Ha was absolutely divine. The day that we arrived we had an absolutely delicious lunch. They had many kinds of traditional Mexican food and I was very impressed with how many vegetarian and vegan options there were. For lunch, I ordered the vegan tacos which were spicy but so delicious. Later that night, for dinner, Arturo ordered fish and I ate some incredible tagliatelle with goat cheese and a glass of sangria. Breakfast was a buffet filled with chilaquiles, omelettes, sweet breads, fruit, pancakes, french toast and mimosas.

Strawberry and Apple Crumble | El Santuario Valle de Bravo
This fruit crumble made for a perfect dessert!

Not only does the food still make my mouth water just thinking about it, but the restaurante’s atmosphere is lovely as well. Restaurante Na-Ha is set right behind the infinity pools so you get an incredible view while you are eating. During dinner there was even some live music. The musicians sang a mix of Mexican and English songs. With the mood lighting set just right plus the fireworks going off across the lake, it made for a very romantic dinner.

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  • WOW~ just. wow. That hotel is insanely beautiful. I love the architecture of the building, the meditation room with that AMAZING ceiling, and of course the outstanding views from the infinity pool… thank you for this review! I would love to stay here my next visit to Mexico.

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