Gifts for Travel Lovers on Etsy

Gifts for Travel Lovers on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace filled with artists and creators who either make everything by hand or sell vintage items. I absolutely love Etsy because buying from there means I am supporting small businesses rather than unethical corporations like Amazon. Most people go to Etsy to buy jewelry and home decor but there’s also a good selection of travel products. In fact, Etsy is full of tons of perfect gifts for travel lovers!

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Digital Travel Planners

Buy a Digital or Printable Travel Planner

Aside from blogging here on Just Leaving Footprints, I actually run an Etsy shop of my own! My Etsy Shop is called Yellow Octopus Studio and I’m slowly working on building a variety of different products for travelers! One of these products is my line of digital travel planners. I currently sell a few digital travel planners in a variety of colors (as well as some study abroad planners). What I love about these planners is that they’re digital, so when you purchase one, you get a digital PDF that you can then upload to Goodnotes or Notability. If you don’t want to upload it to one of these Note Taking programs, you can also print it out. It’s great because you don’t have to pay for shipping and you can reuse all the pages as much as you want!

These travel planners are perfect for people who travel often. They’re also great for travelers who like to stay organized or who go on longer trips.

These travel planners each include the following pages:

  • Cover Page
  • Packing List
  • Travel Budget
  • Saving Up
  • Ultimate Do Not Forget List
  • Accommodation Details
  • Daily Itinerary
  • While We Are Gone
  • Travel Journal Page One
  • Travel Journal Page Two

To buy a digital travel planner or study abroad planner click here.

Travel Coloring Pages for Mini Travelers

Kids' Travel Coloring Pages

Another shameless self-promotion here! I design printable coloring pages for kids and I have a set of 10 coloring pages for kids who love to travel. Start em young as I like to say! The great thing about these is that they’re digital downloads so you can print as many pages as you want! This is a great stocking stuffer, as you can print out tons of pages for multiple kiddos and include some crayons!

To buy a set of travel coloring pages click here.

To buy a set of Christmas coloring pages click here.

Infinity Scarves with Hidden Passport Pockets

I heard about these years ago and have yet to invest in one. If anyone wants to buy me one I will be forever grateful! You can find tons of cool, handmade infinity scarves on Etsy that contain hidden pockets to safely store your passport in! Not only are they super comfy but they’re also so useful too!

To buy an infinity scarf with a hidden passport pocket click here.

Recycled Passport Covers

There are a ton of really cool passport covers on Etsy and some of them are extra sustainable as they’re made of recycled materials! I’ve seen passport covers made of recycled paper, recycled leather, and more!

To buy a recycled passport cover click here.

Vintage Style Travel Posters

Vintage Style Travel Posters on Etsy

A ton of different Etsy shops sell these vintage-style travel posters with the name and pictures of different places in the world. This is a really cool gift for someone who maybe left part of their heart in another country and wants to remember it in a special way. It’s also a great gift idea for someone who has a special memory from a specific place.

To buy a vintage-style travel poster click here.

Push Pin Maps

I absolutely LOVE push pins! I had one when I lived in Canada that I made myself but when I moved to Mexico I misplaced it. Oops. Anyways, push pin maps are a really cool way to display the places you’ve been or hope to go in your home. They can also be a cool gift idea for someone who has a guest room or runs an Airbnb so their guests can put a push pin in it to show where they’re from.

To buy push pin maps click here.

Electronic Organizer Cases

If you know someone who travels a lot for work or is a bit of a tech geek then this is a great gift for them. Electronic organizer cases allow you to keep all of your chargers and headphones wrapped up and organized, instead of tangled, when traveling.

To buy electronic organizer cases click here.

Travel Wallets

Travel wallets usually have way more pockets than regular wallets. They also often have passport pockets so you can keep everything you need all in one place. These are another great option for people who travel a lot.

To buy a travel wallet click here.

Scrunchies with Pockets

Another really cool way to keep small valuables secure is to store them in a pocket scrunchie. Pocket scrunchies are scrunchies you can wear in your hair or around your wrist that have little secret pockets! You can keep anything from extra money to keys to headphones to chapstick in them! They also make great stocking stuffers!

To buy scrunchies with pockets click here.

Travel Journals

If your travel-loving friends are like me and they love journaling then a travel journal is a really great gift to get too. On Etsy you can find travel journals that are customizable, ones with maps on the covers and so much more. The options are endless!

To buy a travel journal click here.

Map Jewelry

map jewelry on etsy

You can get necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with different jewels featuring maps of the world on Etsy. There are tons of different pieces that feature maps of the entire world as well as ones that feature maps of a specific state, province, or country as well. These are a great way to remember certain places by or give gifts to travelers who love maps.

To buy map jewelry click here.

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments

Another really cool gift idea if you’re buying for Christmas and not a birthday are travel-themed Christmas ornaments! You can get ornaments that have maps on them of specific places, or ones that have city skylines from different cities. There are tons of travel-themed Christmas ornaments on Etsy so you’re sure to find something your loved one will like.

To buy travel-themed Christmas ornaments click here.

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