The Best Things to Do in Falkland, BC

The Best Things to Do in Falkland, BC

My dad recently moved to Falkland BC so I’ve been spending some time up there visiting him and will be visiting him more often there too.

Falkland BC is a small settlement located along Highway 97 between Vernon and Kamloops. With a very small population and the famous phrase about driving through the area, ‘don’t blink or you’ll miss it’, Falkland is a cool, off-the-beaten-path attraction for hikers and nature lovers to visit.

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How to Get to Falkland BC

Falkland is located along the stretch of Highway 97 which lies between Vernon and Kamloops. It’s also quite close to Armstrong, Enderby and Chase.

Since Falkland is situated in a pretty central location between cities and many small towns, many people pass through it while driving to other places. While the town itself doesn’t have a ton of things to do, there is a lot of nature to enjoy in the area.

Unfortunately, it is not easily accessible via bus. In order to get there, it’s best to rent a car, use a car-sharing app such as Modo or ZipCar, or a carpooling app such as Pop A Ride.

Interesting Facts About Falkland BC

I honestly didn’t know anything about Falkland until my dad moved there, so I did some research. Here are some interesting facts about Falkland BC:

  • Falkland was originally named ‘Slahaltkan’ by the Salish communities who first lived in the area. ‘Slahaltkan’ means ‘meeting of the winds’. The name was later changed to ‘Falkland’ which was the name of one of the pioneers who came to the area after the Salish people.
  • Falkland has a population of about 600 residents.
  • Falkland is a rural settlement. This means the settlement pattern is dispersed and the population is quite small. It also means residents need to do things like take all their trash to the dump themselves, rather than rely on garbage trucks to come by.
  • Overlooking Falkland sits a large Canadian flag, painted on sheets of plywood. It’s supposedly the largest Canadian flag in the whole country.

Things to do in Falkland BC

Hiking Trails

There are lots of hiking trails to enjoy in Falkland. The most popular hike would probably be the Pillar Hiking Trail in Pillar Provincial Park. The park is set up to protect a unique stone pillar 0.5 kilometres up the steep trail.

While the trail to see the Pillar is very short, it is quite steep so pack water and take breaks especially if you visit in the summer. You can also cool off in Pillar Lake after hiking up to see the famous rock formation.

Two other mountains with hiking trails nearby include Estekwalan Mountain and Tuktakamin Mountain.

Falkland Stampede

The Falkland Stampede is actually one of Canada’s oldest rodeos and occurs every year over Victoria Day weekend in May. People come from all over to go dancing, camping, and to watch cowboys compete for prize money. The Falkland Stampede is currently ranked as one of the top twelve rodeos in Canada so make sure you don’t miss it!

Bee Yours Honey Farm

The last time I went to Falkland, my dad took my partner and me to check out a honey farm called ‘Bee Yours’. It’s a cute little shop where honey from the farm’s hives is sold. The owners of Bee Yours are Argentinian, and they sell both local Falkland and Argentinian honey there. They even make all their own beeswax candles in a whole array of various shapes and sizes on site too. You can also find a variety of other artisan-made gifts and treats in the shop as well.

Canoeing, Kayaking & Fishing

There are tons of small lakes surrounding Falkand making it a great spot for canoers, kayakers, and fishers to visit. Some of the closest spots for these kinds of water sports include Pillar Lake, Arthur Lake, Bolean Lake, Pinaus Lake and Monte Lake among many others. If you have your own boat you can bring it to any of these places. There are also kayak and canoe rentals available at Pillar Lake.

Make sure that if you plan to go fishing you get a British Columbia recreational fishing license before your trip.

Falkland Heritage Museum & Park

If you’ve got some free time in Falkland, you can also visit the Falkland Heritage Museum. The park and museum consist of 2 acres with different artefacts and buildings dating back to the late 1800s.

Okanagan Market Place

The Okanagan Market Place in Falkland is a great place to buy locally made food and goods. Everything sold at this farmer’s market is grown or made in Falkland and other surrounding areas. You can find yummy food and artisan-made crafts there.

Things to do Near Falkland BC

Ovino Winery

Just a 22-minute drive north of Falkland, up Yankee Flats Road, is Ovino Winery. Some of the varieties grown at Ovino include Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, and Gewurztraminer plus a couple of others. They also sell a few kinds of wine jelly. It’s a great place to go for a wine tasting and maybe even take home a bottle or two.

Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre

I absolutely love movie nights at the Starlight Drive-In

A hidden gem loved by Okanagan Valley locals is the Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre in Enderby. It’s just a 34-minute drive away from Falkland too! This is a great old-school movie night option if you’re on a road trip or have a rental car you’re using. The Starlight has a great concession where you can get popcorn, soda and more to enjoy your movie.

You can view showtimes and purchase tickets online here, or get tickets at the gate.

Visit Swan Lake Market & Garden

ice cream at Swan Lake Market
These are just a handful of the over 30 ice cream flavors available at Swan Lake Market

Located near Swan Lake and just a 25-minute drive southeast from Falkland, the Swan Lake Market is well worth a pit stop. The market has a well-stocked grocery section, deli, bakery, and more. Inside you’ll also find an ice cream stand where you can choose from over 30 different ice cream flavors!

It’s also a great place to buy plants for your garden and they have lots of beautiful pots to display them in too. You can find indoor plants inside the market and outdoor plants outside of the market. Seeds are also available for purchase too.

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    • Thanks, Dad! We love visiting you out there 🙂

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