10 Things to Do in Deep Cove Vancouver

10 Things to Do in Deep Cove Vancouver

Deep Cove Vancouver is definitely worth a visit if you’re planning a trip, but it does get super busy in the summer months. My advice is to try to go mid-week and avoid the weekends if you want to avoid crowds. It will most likely still be busy if you’re going in the summer, but I personally think it’s worth it. Other good times to visit are spring and early autumn. It’s also beautiful in the winter too, but you can’t kayak or swim (unless you like extreme cold water swimming) in the off-season.

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Getting There: FLIGHTS & BUSES
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When to Visit, Transit & Parking Information

Most tourists come flocking to Deep Cove in the heat of summer. If you can visit in May or September you may be able to beat the summer crowds. It’s especially packed in July and August. However, if you are visiting in the summer just try to come early in the day, or on a weekday rather than a weekend.

Arrive early so you can find parking! There is a parking lot in the village but once it’s full you will need to drive up the road and find street parking somewhere along Panorama Drive. Street parking is hard to find in the village and only available past the village in the more residential area. If it’s busy you could end up parking pretty far from the center of Deep Cove.

To get to Deep Cove by bus, the last bus you’ll take depending on where you’re starting from will be either the 211, 212, or 215. You can read more about how to get to Deep Cove by bus here.

Enjoy the Beach

Beach at Deep Cove Vancouver

There is a gorgeous beach with multiple swimming areas located in Deep Cove. There are washroom facilities as well in case you need to change into or out of your swimsuit. Beachgoers can spread their towels right on the shore or further up on the grassy hillsides of  Panorama Park.

Rent a Kayak

Deep Cove Kayak has kayak and paddleboard rentals available too. You can even book a kayaking tour or class. There are also a few docks and lots of sailboats that dock in Deep Cove as well.

Hikes in Deep Cove

There are a couple of different hiking trails in Deep Cove. One area that has a few good trails is Deep Cove Park. Part of one of these trails can take visitors from the main beach to a more secluded bay for swimming.

Deep Cove also is home to the Baden Powell Trail Head. This trail is 12 km long and runs all the way from Deep Cove to Lynn Valley.

The most famous hiking trail in Deep Cove Quarry Rock. Unfortunately, the Quarry Rock trail has been closed since the start of the pandemic. However, once it’s open again, it’s a great place to go for a hike. At the top, you’ll get a magnificent view of the ocean!

Have Some Pizza

Deep Cove pizza

There are two good spots for pizza in Deep Cove. One that’s conveniently located in the village is called Deep Cove Pizza. The Patate con Aglio is especially good if you like potatoes.

The other spot to get pizza is The Raven Pub. It’s located further away from the village and is easier to get to if you drive there on your way to or from the village. I’m personally a big fan of their vegetarian pizza.

Go Out for Sushi

Osaka sushi
My favorite crunch ya roll at Osaka.

Osaka Sushi is also a great spot to eat. My husband, Arturo, and I order from there often. He usually gets the beef teriyaki and I usually get the crunch yam roll. Their veggie gyoza is also really tasty.

Enjoy a Nice Dinner at the Arm’s Reach Bistro

The Arm’s Reach Bistro is one of my grandpa’s favorite restaurants so we go there often with him. They have incredible pasta and I’ve heard great things about their butter chicken too. It’s best to make a reservation before you go since it can get quite busy.

Grab a Coffee

There are a variety of good coffee shops in Deep Cove too. I personally really like Cafe Orso. Aside from fresh coffee, they also serve foods such as waffles, avocado toast, and other yummy breakfast foods.

Enjoy a Famous Honey’s Donut

Honey's Doughnuts in Deep Cove

Honey Donuts is famous in Vancouver and there’s usually a pretty long lineup to get in. They have a variety of breakfast and coffee options but their donuts are legendary. There are seven donut flavors to choose from including Maple Bacon and Chocoreo. My personal favorite is the plain Maple Donut. Many celebrities often come to Honey’s to taste their donuts too. In fact, Kate Winslet is quoted on their website as saying, “I pine for it – I pine for Honey’s Donuts in Deep Cove.”

Browse Some Shops

There are plenty of cute shops to check out in Deep Cove too. Walk through the village and you’ll come by plenty of cute stores to browse. Some of these shops include A’hoy and Deep Cove Collective.

Visit an Art Gallery

There are a few art galleries in Deep Cove that you can visit. One is called the Seymour Art Gallery. Visitors to the Seymour Art Gallery can browse and purchase handmade ceramics, paintings, jewelry, and more kinds of art from over 60 local artists.

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10 Things to do in Deep Cove Vancouver
10 Things to do in Deep Cove Vancouver
10 Things to do in Deep Cove Vancouver
10 Things to do in Deep Cove Vancouver

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