Camping in Hope BC, Canada: Why You Should Camp at Silver Lake

Camping in Hope BC, Canada: Why You Should Camp at Silver Lake

Last spring, my husband and I went camping in Hope BC. We had originally thought we had booked a campground at Silver Lake in West Kelowna, but we had accidentally booked a campground in Hope. What was supposed to be a 45-minute drive turned into a 3-hour drive from Kelowna to Hope but it was well worth it.

We didn’t realize how few people would be at the campground. It really felt like we had the place to ourselves. My dad told me the fishing used to be great up there but fish numbers have since dwindled making it less popular. Regardless, these photos are sure to make you want to camp at Silver Lake in Hope BC.

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How to get to Hope BC

Hope BC wood carvings

Hope is a beautiful small town located in British Columbia, Canada. It is located about two hours inland from Vancouver.

Quick Info about Hope

Hope has a population of just over 6,000 people. Wandering through the main town center, you can truly see how charming of a town Hope is.

There are wood-carved sculptures of bears, eagles, and other wildlife everywhere. On your way to Silver Lake, be sure to stop in Hope to pick up any last-minute camping supplies and enjoy the sculptures.

Camping in Hope BC: How to Get to the Silver Lake Campground

Camping in Hope BC, Canada: Why You Should Camp at Silver Lake | Girl at a Lake

To get to the Silver Lake Campground from Hope, follow Flood Hope Road until you get to Silver Skagit Road. Next, take Silver Skagit Road straight to the Silver Lake Campground. The campground is about a 20-minute drive from Hope’s town center.

Camp Site Set-Up & Fire Bans at Silver Lake

tent view from camping in Hope BC
British Columbia Camping at Silver Lake

We pulled into the spot that had been reserved for us and were super happy with it. It was made quite private by all the surrounding trees and shrubs of the forest.

There were only a few occupied campsites near ours and the outhouses were just a few steps away. Each campsite had a fire pit, space for one or two tents, parking space for a car, and a picnic table.

Thankfully when we were there, the fire ban hadn’t started yet so we were able to cuddle up next to the fire and roast marshmallows each night.

Keep in mind when camping in British Columbia that there is often a campfire ban that occurs in July and August. This is due to the large amount of forest fires that BC experiences every year. Hope is part of an area in BC that gets quite a bit of rainfall so that, plus the fact that we visited in spring, were probably the reasons why there was no fire ban.

Hiking & The Beauty of Silver Lake

camping in Hope BC, wading through Silver Lake
The hiking trail was partially washed out by the lake so we had to wade through the cold water to continue our trek.
frog at campsite
We made a little friend on our hike.

Silver Lake was unbelievably beautiful. There are two small beach areas at the lake along with a hiking trail. The trail takes you from the side of the lake and all the way up around the lake. At least, that’s what it seems like. Arturo and I took the trail up around part of the lake but turned back a little early.

One woman working at the campground said the trail is really popular among dog owners. It definitely seemed like a great place to bring a dog.

If you’re wanting to hike a lot, you’ll need to take your vehicle to explore some other hiking areas around Hope. The only hiking trail at the campground is the one that wraps around the lake and I don’t think it’s super long. You can check out this website for some other good hiking trails around Hope.

Camping in Hope BC, Canada: Why You Should Camp at Silver Lake
Loving the view.
Camping in Hope BC Silver Lake
This was our favorite spot on the beach.
travel journal at Silver Lake
I did a lot of art journaling at the lake.

The lake is surrounded by huge mountains. Sitting on the beach, you truly feel as though you are in the heart of a valley. The reflections of these mountains in the still water of the lake was incredible to say the least. E

very day we were there, we would head to the lake with a blanket, books and some snacks and just read the day away, overwhelmed by the peacefulness of the nature surrounding us. The best part? We were often the only ones at the beach.

I was absolutely shocked at how few people were there seeing as it’s such a gorgeous campground.

Fishing at Silver Lake

Camping in Hope BC, Canada

I’m a vegetarian so I’m definitely not a huge fan of fishing but if you are planning on fishing in Silver Lake, just remember you need to get a fishing license in order to legally fish in British Columbia. You also should note that the fish at Silver Lake are mainly trout but everything is catch and release only. I believe this is due to dwindling fish populations like I mentioned earlier.

Swimming at Silver Lake

Lake and mountains photo

Swimming at Silver Lake is available but keep in mind that in order to really enjoy the water, you should either visit in summer or with a dry suit. The water up at Silver Lake stays pretty cold, and even though we went in late spring/early summer, it was still too cold for us to swim. Keep in mind also that there are drop-offs in the lake and no lifeguards so you are in charge of your own safety.

The One Thing I Wish I Brought to Silver Lake: A Canoe or Kayak

camping in Hope BC view of Silver Lake
This is me wishing we had brought a canoe or kayak to Silver Lake.

The only thing I regretted not bringing to Silver Lake was a canoe or kayak. The truck that my family uses to transport canoes and kayaks had broken down a few days before our trip. Since we couldn’t fit a canoe or kayak on the small vehicle we had to bring instead, we went boat-less. If I ever go back to Silver Lake, the number one thing I will bring is a canoe or kayak. This is simply due to how gorgeous the lake is. I’ll admit I was pretty jealous of the other couple we saw peacefully floating around the pristine lake in a big green canoe.

Where to Eat in Hope & Other Things to Do in the Town

Blue Moose Cafe in Hope BC
This veggie panini from the Blue Moose Coffee House was delicious!

Like I mentioned before, there are plenty of beautiful wooden sculptures to admire in Hope. There is also a small movie theatre if you’re in the mood to catch a flick. If you’re hungry I would highly suggest checking out the Blue Moose Coffee House, located in the town center, or The Owl Street Cafe, located in between the center of Hope and Silver Lake.

Don’t Forget to Stop by the Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels British Columbia
If you love hiking, you will really enjoy the Othello Tunnels hike.

After you camp at Silver Lake in Hope, BC, don’t forget to stop by the Othello Tunnels on your way home. The Othello Tunnels are located in the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. The Othello Tunnels are a popular hike so if you’re wanting more hikes to explore near Hope, this is one of the best.

Othello Tunnels Hope BC
This beautiful valley and river can be seen from the Othello Tunnels hike.

The tunnels were left behind from the Canadian Pacific Railway that was built in the early 1900s. The Railway was built over three mountain ranges and links the Kootenay region with the coast.

The trail through the tunnels is 3.5 kilometers long and is an easy but beautiful hike. There are beautiful views of a gushing river in the bottom of the valley and the mountains and forests on either side of the trails are breathtaking.

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Camping in Hope BC Silver Lake

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