20 Photos of the Bushwick Street Art in NYC that’ll Make You Want to Visit

20 Photos of the Bushwick Street Art in NYC that’ll Make You Want to Visit

My husband and I recently honeymooned in New York City and we had an absolute blast. Aside from eating all the vegetarian food in sight, one thing I really wanted to do was to see some street art. I’m a huge sucker for museums but there’s something about street art that I’m just so in love with. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s free to enjoy, or that it takes on a different mood depending on the weather. Regardless, here are some photos that will make you want to visit the Bushwick Street Art Collective in Brooklyn too.

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Bushwick Street Art: Political & Thought Provoking Street Art

I won’t be dividing this post into where you can find each piece of art. Instead I’ll attempt to categorize the art a bit differently. The following are some of the pieces that I thought spoke about the political climate of the USA and the world. Some of them also drew attention to large global issues. Due to their powerful messages, these were my favorite pieces of street art at the Bushwick Collective. By the way, I have tried to include a link to each artist’s Instagram page on every photo. Unfortunately I was unable to find every artist so if you know who some of the artists for the following photos are, please let me know so I can give them recognition. To follow the main Bushwick Collective Instagram, click here.

20 Photos of the Bushwick Street Art in Brooklyn, NYC that Will Make You Want to Visit
Powerful painting of Takaiya Blaney by @lmnopimaize.
Climate Change is Real | Bushwick Street Art
Climate Change is Real Mural.
Refugee Children Bushwick Street Art
An Ode for All the Refugees by @naveen.shakil. This is one of my absolute favorites.

Bushwick Street Art: Colorful Street Art throughout the Bushwick Collective

One of the things I love most about street art is how it makes neighborhoods and cities come to life. With all the color everywhere it can sometimes feel like you’re walking through a rainbow. Here’s some of the more colorful pieces of street art we found on our walk around the area.

Bushwick Street Art | Superheroes
This piece was on the side of a movie theatre.
Skeleton Street Art Bushwick
Bushwick Street Art | Colorful Mural
Bushwick Street Art | Superhero baby
This colorful superhero street art is by @sipros_sipros.
Bushwick Street Art | Hearts Art
This awesome piece was done by @hektad._official.
Bushwick Street Art
Diva Street Art Bushwick
This painting and the one above it were right on top of each other. I don’t know about the man on top but the bottom of this was done by @golden305.

I really liked seeing all the different artists’ styles and how different each mural was. There wasn’t a single mural I saw that I didn’t like. The one with the skulls was one of my favorites. I also liked that the artists painted over garage doors as well as walls and basically anything they could get their paint on. One of the reasons I love street art so much is because I think it allows for so much creative freedom. Any plain and boring surface suddenly becomes a canvas.

Bushwick Collective Brooklyn NYC | Donald Duck
Street Art Brooklyn NYC
This piece is by @aquarelaart.
Colors of Brooklyn, NYC
I absolutely love the eyes on this one by @findizzcreate.

How to Find Amazing Bushwick Street Art

Bushwick Street Art
This floral installation is by @woodzart and @paradise_mcfee.

Honestly my best advice for finding awesome street art in the Bushwick Collective area would be to just walk. Take the metro or an Uber to the area and just walk around and explore. We didn’t have a ton of time to spend in Bushwick, but if we did I would probably have done a walking tour of the area to learn more about the artists and find more pieces.

If you also don’t have a ton of time to take a tour, but there are certain pieces you want to see, do some research. The Bushwick Collective has an Instagram page with tags for every artist so you can see who painted everything and maybe even leave a comment to find exactly where each piece is.

Grey Street Art in Bushwick
Make art from your heart.
Bushwick Collective Street Art
This unique garage door piece is by @mrhydde_artist.

Bushwick Street Art

Photos that Will Make You Want to Visit the Bushwick Collective: Animal Street Art

Bushwick Street Art Pug
I’m not sure what this painting is called but if I could name it I’d call it ‘Pug Life’. It was done by @gemma_gene.

I’m a huge animal lover (and vegetarian) so I love seeing art that depicts animals. Doesn’t the mural above make you want a pet pug? I especially love these dog murals as I’m definitely more of a dog person than a cat person. I think the dog in the mural below is cooler than I am, just check out his headphones! Also does the snail below remind anyone else of Gary the Snail from Spongebob?

Bushwick Street Art
This incredible Bushwick dog mural is by @urbanruben and is one of my absolute favorites.
Bushwick Collective Street Art
This is way cooler than Gary the Snail if you ask me. Installation by @mike.makatron.

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