Budget Travel: How to Find Cheap Accommodation

Budget Travel: How to Find Cheap Accommodation

If you’re like me and you’re a broke millennial just trying to pay the bills then it may seem like travel is out of the question for you. I’m here to tell you that it’s not! It just takes some extra planning and some know-how to get good deals. As we all know, the two biggest expenses when it comes to traveling are transportation and accommodation. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you also check out this post on how to find cheap flights, train tickets, and bus fares when traveling. As for now, let’s dive into how you can find cheap accommodation and save tons of cash.

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Getting Around: RENTAL CARS

Using Agoda to Find Cheap Hotel Stays

If you want to stay in a hotel, then my best piece of advice is to use Agoda to find the best deals. Agoda shows you which hotels have discounts and deals going on. On their calendar when you select dates, it also shows you which dates are more expensive and which ones are cheaper too. That way you can be sure that you are getting a great deal.

Finding Affordable Air BnBs

How to Find Cheap AirBnBs

Of course, hotels are often more expensive than Airbnbs. So I highly recommend checking out Airbnb as well. Airbnbs are also a great way to make sure that your money is benefitting locals instead of giant hotel chains. On Airbnb, you can set up your own price range and see only places that fit within your budget. Another tip is that if you want to travel for a long period of time if you book an Airbnb for a full month you can get a massive discount. I’m not talking about a 5% discount, but anywhere up to a 50% discount! I have friends who have done this as they travel full time and it’s helped them save a load of money.

Finding the Cheapest Deals with Hostel World

Find Cheap Hostel Stays with Hostel World

If you love meeting people from all over the world and don’t mind sharing a room with strangers then hostels are an incredible way to save money as well. I’ve stayed in countless hostels throughout Thailand, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and more. I always make really great friends when I stay in hostels, and to be honest, hostels have recently had a major glow up. I remember when I first started staying in hostels, some of the places were… questionable. Like they didn’t have locks on the doors, or they would have rat problems. But don’t let that deter you now! For the same price as I used to spend on questionable hostels, I can now stay at beautiful shared places with rooftop gardens, bars, and sometimes even pools. I’m telling you, hostels have had a GLOW UP! They’re super cheap, you’re sure to make friends, and more often than not, they’re beautifully kept too. The best place to find amazing, budget-friendly hostel stays is Hostel World.

How to Stay Somewhere for Free by House & Pet Sitting

Travel for Free with Trusted Housesitters

I’ve personally only done this a few times and it was for family friends but this is still a great way to travel on the cheap. You can pay to join an online house sitting community like Trusted House Sitters to find people to sit for. On sites like this, the people you sit for will give you reviews so you can find more house sitting opportunities. I believe the cost of joining a website like this is around $100 per year but if you spend just ten nights of the year house sitting, it basically pays for itself. If you want to start house sitting for even cheaper, you can join house sitting groups on Facebook for your area or the area you want to visit.

Housesitting often involves some chores, like the basics of cleaning up after yourself. It can also involve taking care of plants and pets. A lot of fellow travel bloggers that I follow on Instagram often end up taking care of dogs or cats while house sitting.

WOOFing and Work Away: Work in Exchange for Free Accommodation

Another option is to try WWOOFing or doing a Work Away. There are many different organic farms (mainly on WWOOF) and different companies and projects (Work Away) that you can sign up for around the world. These places allow you to have free accommodation in exchange for work. They don’t pay you on top of that, but getting free accommodation can still cut down your travel costs dramatically. I haven’t personally tried WOOFing or Work Away but I have friends who have and I’ve heard great things about them.

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