Blog Promotion: 13 Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog In

Blog Promotion: 13 Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog In

If you’re new to travel blogging and aren’t sure where to promote your posts, this article is for you! Obviously it’s good to promote your blog on lots of different social media channels. One of the best ones, however is Facebook. There are lots of Facebook Groups that you can join to help with your own blog promotion. Here are some of my favorite Facebook groups for travel bloggers, along with some things to keep in mind as you join them.

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Why I Love Facebook Groups for Blog Promotion

Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog | Blog Promotion
This screenshot is from the Ladies for Sustainable Travel Facebook Group that I run.

There’s a few reasons why I love using Facebook to promote my blog so much. First of all, when you promote a post into a targeted blogging group, it’s likely going to get read by more people than if you simply posted it to your personal timeline. Next, blogging groups on Facebook don’t just let you post your blog posts and share them. They usually have rules about reciprocation and encourage members to share your blog posts in other outlets as well (such as Pinterest, Twitter and more). The final reason that I love Facebook Groups so much is because they connect you to fellow travel bloggers who you can then collaborate with. You can ask questions about problems you’re facing with your own blog, or contribute to collaborative posts like this one about Eco Hotels Around the World.

Blog Promotion: Each Blogging Facebook Group Has Rules

Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog | Blog Promotion

Keep in mind that each group has its’ own unique set of rules. Some groups are for women only. Others have only specific days where you can promote your own articles. Some groups just don’t want you being spammy and posting 84 times a day. Almost all the groups have rules about respect as well. In certain groups if you break the rules, you can be kicked out of the group. So be sure to read all group rules very carefully. It would really suck to break a rule accidentally simply because you didn’t read the group rules.

Female Only Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog

  • Female Travel Bloggers
    Update: The Female Travel Bloggers Facebook Group has been permanently closed and all posts in the group have been archived.
    – The Female Travel Bloggers Group is run by a huge team of female travel bloggers from all over the globe. This one is my absolute favorite travel blogging group. Once a week you are able to share a blog post of your own so others will share it on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more. You have to reciprocate of course but it’s a great way to get your posts seen and shared. This group also has a variety of different threads where you can promote your blog posts, or your blog’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages. This group is where I have found most of my collaboration opportunities, and where I’ve asked others to contribute to my own blog.
  • Girls vs. Globe
    – This group is run by Sabina Trojanova, the founder of the website, Girl vs. Globe. Her group is amazing because it brings together female travelers from all over the world, many of whom are bloggers and many who aren’t. Each week there are two sharing threads specifically for bloggers. One is for you to share your blog posts, and the other is for you to find collaboration opportunities. I like that this group isn’t just for writers and bloggers because it means there are more people there who genuinely just want to read your posts so they can use them to help plan their trips.
  • Female Digital Nomads
    – The Female Digital Nomads group is run by Milou from the website, Explorista. This is a fantastic group that I just recently became a part of. They have seven weekly threads, my favorites being their Collaboration and Self Promotion threads. Outside of these threads you can’t self promote but you can definitely ask questions to the group if you’re having blog/online job troubles. It’s also a really cool place to see what kind of online work other women are doing around the world.
  • Boss Girl Bloggers
    – The Boss Girl Bloggers Facebook Group is run by Ell Duclos, who is a full time blogger herself. You can visit her personal blog here. Boss Girl Bloggers is another female only group but it’s not just for travel bloggers. I like this group because there are Collaboration, Feedback, Post Sharing and Instagram threads, just to name a few. Due to all these threads, there are lots of ways you can promote your blog and Ell also has lots of helpful blogging articles in the group’s pinned rules post.
  • Ladies for Sustainable Travel
    – The Ladies for Sustainable Travel group is a group that I created specifically for female travelers who want to travel more sustainably. Since the group is still relatively small, I don’t have super strict rules about self promotion. However, if you are going to share one of your blog posts, it does need to be about sustainable tourism or eco-travel. I generally recommend to people that they follow the 80/20 rule, by sharing 80% of other people’s videos and posts, and 20% of their own. Ladies for Sustainable Travel also has an Instagram page where you can get featured as long as you fill out our online form. 

Blogging Facebook Groups for Support, Collaboration and SEO

Facebook Groups to Promote Your Travel Blog | Blog Promotion
  • Travel Blogger Link Swap Group
    – In case you’re unaware, link swapping is when one blogger puts a link to another blogger’s website in one of their posts and that blogger reciprocates. The more of your own blog links you have on other websites, the more likely it is that people will find your blog. It’s also very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This group is awesome because it’s sole focus is link swapping so it’s the perfect place to work on your SEO and help out other bloggers as well.
  • Travel Bloggers Support Group
    – Hosted by Veronica Pototska, this group is another awesome support group specifically for travel bloggers. There are multiple threads for Instagram Posts’ Engagement, Travel Blog Comments and more. There are also a few collaboration threads that are very useful as well.
  • Travel Collab Post Opportunities
    – This group is fantastic because it’s only for posting collaboration opportunities. It’s really good to try and collaborate with other bloggers because they will then link back to your blog. It is also good to create collaboration opportunities on your own blog. You can read an example of a collaborative blog post about vegetarian food around the world here. 
  • Low DA Bloggers Support Group
    – This group is fantastic because you have to have a DA (Domain Authority) lower than 25 to join. The Low DA Bloggers Support Group is fantastic because it can really help you grow your DA. The majority of the posts in this group are for link swapping and collaboration opportunities. To find out what your blog’s Domain Authority is, you can use this online tool.
  • Make Traffic Happen
    – This group isn’t for promoting your blog so much as it is for learning about SEO. It’s run by Gemma and Laura, the creators of the consulting agency and website, Make Traffic Happen. Since they run their own SEO consulting agency, they truly are SEO experts and the group has lots of tips. You can also post questions you have about SEO, social media or anything to do with your blog really and other group members will help you out.

Facebook Groups to Help Your Blog Do Well on Pinterest

As much as I love Facebook, the majority of my blog’s traffic comes from Pinterest. This is why I love Facebook Groups that target your Pinterest account. Pinterest is basically it’s own search engine and it’s an extremely popular platform. It’s especially popular among travelers, as many people who love travel, have travel boards where they re-pin, or share travel content. I know of many people who plan their trips simply by looking through Pinterest, so it really is the place to be for travel bloggers.

  • Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest
    – This group is run by Claire from Avenly Lane Travel.  I love this Pinterest focused Facebook group because it’s just for travel bloggers! That means you will only be pinning and re-pinning relevant content. It also means that the other people in the group will be pinning your posts onto their boards which likely have a lot of travel-loving followers. This group is mainly filled with re-pinning threads to help get your pins seen and shared by more people
  • Mappin Monday
    – The Mappin Monday group is run by Nienke Krook, from The Travel Tester, and a team of admins. Mappin Monday is also a travel focused Pinterest group so you know your pins are being shared by relevant accounts. There are threads for scheduled pinning, manual pinning and group board threads as well.
  • Bloggers Unite on Pinterest
    – This group is run by Jill from The Kentucky Makeup Junkie. While this group isn’t just for travel bloggers, there are a lot of travel bloggers in it. I love this Pinterest focused group because it doesn’t just have re-pinning threads, but also Pinterest follow threads so you can follow other people’s Pinterest accounts.

The Facebook Group to Help Your Blog Make Money

  • Digital Nomad Wannabe – Making Money From Blogging
    – This group is run by Sharon from the Digital Nomad Wannabe website. She helps people become full time bloggers and digital nomads. In the group there are blog traffic challenges, SEO advice, collaboration opportunities and link swapping opportunities. The SEO advice in this group is what has helped me the most, because let’s face it, your blog can’t make money if no one is reading it.

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