Learn a Foreign Language: The Best Programs & Classes Online

Learn a Foreign Language: The Best Programs & Classes Online

If you’ve always dreamed of learning a foreign language then now is the time to get started! There are lots of great options out there to help you or your kids learn a new language online. Most of these programs include one-on-one classes with teachers that you can take from the comfort of your own home. You can read this article about why you should try to learn a foreign language. Alternatively, if you’re interested in teaching English from the comfort of your home, you can read this article.

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Learn Spanish Online with Hi-Spanish

Online Spanish Classes - Hi-Spanish

Hi-Spanish is an amazing company that was actually started by some of my friends here in Mexico. Classes take place over Zoom and are very interactive and informative. If you sign up for a membership they even guarantee that you will learn Spanish within 6 months or you get a full refund! All the teachers on Hi-Spanish are from Mexico and their classes are wonderful. You can read more about Hi-Spanish here.

Learn A Foreign Language Online with iTalki (Multiple Languages Available)

Learn a Foreign Language with iTalki

iTalki is a platform where teachers and tutors from all over the world can sign up to teach their native languages. This means that if you become a student on iTalki, you could learn almost any language you want. They have a wide variety of English, Spanish, Portuguese and French teachers as well as many others. You can sign up for iTalki by clicking here.

Practice Your English Online with Cambly

If English is your second language then you can practice your skills on Cambly. There are many English language programs on the internet right now and Cambly is one of the cheaper options. I am actually a teacher with Cambly so if you want to book a class with me, you can sign up, and then find my Tutor Profile here. Be sure to send me a message so I can send you my schedule once you have signed up.

You can also get a job teaching ESL with Cambly. Click here to find out more.

Help Your Kids Learn or Practice English with Cambly Kids

Cambly is a program made for adults but they also have a Kids program called Cambly Kids! Cambly Kids is different from the adult program and is very interactive. Students can write on the screen to match words to pictures. They can also read texts, circle correct answers, and more. I teach ESL online with Cambly Kids so if you sign your child up, make sure to check out my Tutor Profile and book a class with me!

You can also get a job teaching ESL with Cambly Kids. Click here to find out more.

Help Your Kids Learn Mandarin with Lingo Bus

Online Mandarin Classes for Kids with Lingo Bus

I work for a wonderful company called VIPKid where I teach ESL to children in China. They have an amazing sister company called Lingo Bus which teaches interactive Mandarin lessons to students from all over. The classes are filled with colorful pictures, games, interactive matching activities, and more. To book a Lingo Bus class, click here.

Help Your Kids Learn Spanish with Panda Tree

Spanish Classes for Kids with Panda Tree

If you want to help your kids learn Spanish, then sign them up for Panda Tree! Panda Tree is an online program that teaches Spanish to students ages 2-17. With Panda-Tree your student will not only have access to one-on-one classes. They will also have access to personalized games and activities to play between classes! You can book a class with Panda Tree here.

Practice Almost Any Language Online with Duolingo

Aside from taking online classes, another great way to practice your language skills is to use the app Duolingo. Duolingo can help you remember things you’ve already learned in classes or can help you learn new sets of vocabulary. Personally I use Duolingo to help keep my French and Spanish skills up to date. The best part is that the Duolingo App is free so you can download it onto your phone and practice your skills no matter where you are!

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